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Piecing A Quilt Back

Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me… I can’t seem to just use a large piece of fabric for my quilt backs.  Why?  Because I always have left-over scraps from the front, that I just don’t want to use for something else – I’m usually ‘done’ with certain fabrics after using them in a quilt.

Bits for Green Cross Quilt back:

green fabric pieces

Of course, using scraps to piece a back ALWAYS takes me longer than making the front! It becomes an improv piece as I never know exactly how these pieces will take shape.

I feel very gratified for using up all my scraps – if something is too small for the back I cut it into 1.5″ squares for my hexies… and even smaller pieces are now saved for pet beds. Here it is on my design wall:

green fabrics on design wall

The best part is ending up with a two-sided quilt! One side planned, the other improv – using the same fabrics. To me, it’s really neat to see the same fabrics used so differently. Unfortunately, I won’t have the Green Cross Quilt finished for the PMQG meeting tomorrow… but I will be bringing the Jellyfish!

Jellyfish Hexie Quilt Close-up:

Jellyfish quilt: french knots close up

I love sharing my quilts with my guild – everyone is so supportive, even after seeing pictures and hearing about it all the time since last year! I was just telling a friend recently how I never used to finish anything. Finishing a big project like this is so fulfilling to me – and says a lot about how far I’ve come in my life. I’m so happy to share it with such amazingly creative people!

2 thoughts on “Piecing A Quilt Back”

  1. Tell me more about saving small pieces for pet beds–personal or organizational?if the latter, requirements?

    I agree that it is fun to have pieced backs; not sure always about piecing them. Sometimes I just want to be finished. Looking forward to seeing finished jellyfish

  2. Just personal for the pet beds, I got the idea from Sam Hunter… just put all your scraps in a bag till there's enough to fill a pillow case or some other made thing to make a bed out of. My kitty will love it (eventually)! See you at the meeting!

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