Hot Summer Days

The weather here in Portland has been unseasonably warm. For some reason, my body has much more inflammation issues in the heat than usual. I now have cankles, and my feet and toes look like sausages. That part isn’t so bad, it’s the sciatica (which gets ramped up with inflammation) that has been keeping me un-able to do much of anything.

However, my spirits are up. On our way out to dinner the other night, Gregg spotted a folding card table and 4 matching chairs with a free sign on it. We quickly made a U-turn and now I have a ‘Hexie Play Station’!
(and on a side note: My friend Kimberly turned me onto a new place to eat. Teote is super yummy and gluten free …and they have fried plantains!)

hexie table

I used some masking tape to attach batting to the table top – it can easily be removed. The batting really keeps the little 1/2″ hexie pieces in place, so even when Mr. Kitty jumps up there, they don’t slide around.

Stash of Hexies

We set this up in our basement which has been staying about 10-15 degrees cooler than outside. Now I have a project to keep me busy for a while… I have a lot of hexies made:

bin of hexies
rainbow solid hexies

The solid bright hexies were made from a honeybun roll – there were 41 different colors and I made 28 hexies out of each 1.5″ strip of fabric. I have them all color separated in baggies for now till I figure out exactly how I want to use them.

hexie layout in progress

FYI: it seems to be much harder to design a layout this way. As in: not having a plan. At least it is for me! I’m going to play around with this. I’m interested in making a few smaller projects with these hexies. We’ll see what speaks to me once I get all the colors divided.

Stay cool folks!






4 responses to “Hot Summer Days”

  1. Dawn White Avatar

    Love your Hexie Play Station — and your latest stack of hexies!

  2. Gail Lizette Avatar

    Thanks Dawn! They are like little tiny gems from a treasure chest 🙂

  3. AnnMarie Avatar

    Yea for free signs!

  4. Caroline Heinrichs Avatar

    These 1/2 in. Hexie's are incredible. Looking to see how this comes together.

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