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A Quilt Challenge

challenge fabrics

I haven’t participated in a quilt challenge in a few years, but I just signed up for one! It’s a challenge put on by BadAss Quilters Society / Spool and the theme is Game of Thrones.

There were two different colorways to choose from. I chose “Blood, Stone, Steel and Fire” and my idea uses a few different techniques I’ve never tried before… so I’m nervous that my idea may not work out, but I’m ready to give it a good try.

The challenge is to use only the 4 fabrics (shown above) to create the quilt – I can use any backing. They sent 4 fat quarters to use, and I’m hoping it’s enough, if not I can buy more. It’s the Peppered Cottons line by Pepper Cory, and I love it!

Appliqué is part of my plan. I’m doing a characters face – not saying who just yet, but it’s one of my favorite characters. If I can make this work, I’ll be doing a few of these ‘portrait’ type quilts. It will be interesting to see how well I can cut my pieces using a woven fabric like this.

Anyone else a Game of Thrones fan? Who is your favorite character?






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  1. Nicole Avatar

    OMG I will so be keeping an eye on this challenge! Good luck with yours.

  2. Gail Lizette Avatar

    Thanks Nicole! Just tried WonderUnder for applique for the first time… and it worked! Next post about this should be good 😉

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