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Making Plans

Root Chakra quilt

I guess I haven’t written a post in a while… I’ve been questioning my purpose of this blog, and if it serves anything more than just a place to show my work.

So, I’ve recently decided to give pattern-making a shot, and share some tutorials here. I’m almost finished with the Wood Dragon EPP Hexie Pattern, and the Squid and Jellyfish will be following as well.

Along with the patterns, some friends suggested making little short videos to demonstrate some of my techniques with hexies… and I’m pretty excited to try it. Still a ways to go before sharing with the world, but it’s in the works. I know there are a few people out there who have been patiently waiting for me to get these patterns out there (thanks for being so patient!)

I do have a quilt finish to share: The Root Chakra Quilt is finished!

Root Chakra quilt

I showed this at the last PMQG meeting, and I was able to tell a little about it before my nerves erased my voice (I have such a hard time speaking in front of people)… but I didn’t really share much in details.

Recently I’ve known 3 people who have passed away… plus an onslaught of famous people too. This year has been rough! One (for sure) was due to liver failure, and I am working on my health to heal my own liver. In fact, my health journey has been going since 2000 when I had my gall bladder removed. Ever since then, I’ve been working on health and diet without much success. This pushed me towards alternative healing. Every alternative healer type person I’ve ever seen tells me my root chakra energy is blocked. So I made a quilt to help me heal.

The symbol of the root chakra is a red cube, and it governs family and foundation. I guess since I have been ousted from my blood-family (due to religious differences) my foundation is pretty weak. So I chose the Log Cabin block to explore… the red center of a log cabin is symbolic of home and hearth – perfect for my purpose.

The bottom row of log cabins were made of black and deep red centers to represent my upbringing which was strict and solid… and a bit dark, due to the fact it was all conditional love.

The second row represents my young-adulthood. These have dark red and grey centers, along with mixed colors in each block to show my lack of boundaries and the excitement of new people and ideas.

The big red center block is made of many smaller ones, this in a field of mostly-white to represent the now. My world is much more solid now… but still messy – it’s still a work in progress.

Searching for that perfect foundation – the solid red square surrounded by white in the top row, so I can move forward in my healing process.

free motion quilting

As I was sewing this quilt, I reminisced on old friends, and some of the poor decisions we made as young people. I also thought about how far I’ve come: working from homelessness to home-ownership via my own business… and about how much further I need to go. Art therapy – this is definitely an emotionally charged quilt!


The whole time I was stitching this quilt I was also listening to many podcasts at The Crafty Planner. Ss I listened, I learned about a lot of different quilters out there and that just about everyone has massive life struggles. It’s been great hearing stories of success coming from hard work and love of this medium. I recommend it! Plus, it really makes the time fly, which is great when you’re spending hours on the machine!

Close Up

So… one more finish on the books that I can be proud of! I think I’ll follow through and make a quilt for each chakra. It will help me go through my stash and challenge me emotionally in a good way. The next one is the Sacral Chakra which is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. Lots to think about!

In the meantime, I plan on sharing some hexie patterns very, very soon. What are you working on? Does quilting help you emotionally?

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