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Under Construction

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You might have noticed a few changes here… I recently moved my blog from Blogspot to WordPress. This will give me more flexibility in giving my blog a look and layout I like… and I’ll have a little more control over my content.

As I’m very much a “beginner” when it comes to coding and designing websites, it might take a little while before I have it all put together. Thanks for your patience 🙂

In the meantime, I wanted to share a little news: My friend Bill wrote an article for Pratique du Patchwork no. 10, France – and he wrote about the quilt I made, and how it was inspired by a quilt made in 1935.  There’s a picture and everything… so exciting to have something in print – in another country even!! Wow!

"Ocean's of Blue" (bottom right) quilt in: Pratique du Patchwork no. 10, France
“Oceans of Blue” (bottom right) quilt in: Pratique du Patchwork no. 10, France

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