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Next Step… Quilting!

Manipura Quilting

Quilting is made up of so many steps… by the time you get to the actual quilting stage of the game you realize there is a whole new layer of design to contemplate.

Manipura Quilting

I think I’m going to ‘stitch in the ditch’ and after I go over all the seams, I’ll see if, and where, I would want to quilt more. The quilting of this piece can be simple to offset the busyness of the patchwork.

For this quilt, I used a plain muslin backing and wool batting – it’s already feeling quite yummy! Wool batting works really well for spray basting because it holds it’s shape better than a cotton batting.

Manipura basting

Look how awesome it looks already… and I haven’t even quilted it yet!! I’m loving everything about this – especially the process of making it.


Because this quilt is based on the Third Chakra or Manipura, I’m focusing on my personal self-worth while creating this physical piece. I’ve actually kept track of every minute I’ve spent.

Manipura Notes

So far, I’m over 70 hours into this project – cutting and sewing time only. Design, layout, fabric and decision making ponderings are not included in this time. I still have quite a few hours to put in for quilting and binding. At a wage of $20/hr, I’m making an “over-priced quilt” by the standards of today’s marketplace. However it’s priceless to me, due to how helps me emotionally.

Right now, I can use all the calm I can get… I know I’m not the only one reeling from the upcoming election. I can’t wait for it all to be over with and we can move on and stop this awful feeling of overwhelming stagnation. I’m also pulled to North Dakota and Standing Rock Sioux, and to the hundreds of other indigenous tribes from around the globe, who are trying to protect our planet and the water on it.  I give thanks daily for their efforts, and have donated funds. If you’d like to help, here is a good site to contribute to:

I found out the other day that I have some nerve damage in my mouth, and it causes pain that can’t really be fixed. I noticed it gets worse with inflammation, so now with PMS, I get dental pain – so fun. There are also a bunch of failing crowns and inlays that are only a few years old that will need to be replaced. I’m trying to cut down on stress, and having to go to the dentist isn’t helping.

In Other News…


This is what happens when someone randomly stops in the flow of traffic. Luckily no one was hurt, and we were able to drive it home (only a few blocks away). The bummer part of it all is that this was our only car… and I would be surprised if it’s not a total – the airbags even went off.  So instead of quilting, I’ve been on the phone with insurance agents, and looking at cars for sale. I’m hoping to find an inexpensive, good running car – I don’t think we’re able to swing a monthly car payment.

**Deep Breathing**
I have to keep reminding myself that good often comes from change.


Speaking of which, here is where I do my meditation, yoga, and more recently – inversions. (see the inversion table?) 

This photo was taken around midnight (I practice late) so it’s a bit dark. When the sun is out, this room is bright and wonderful. I’m lucky we don’t have living room furniture yet…it leaves plenty of room for movement. You can see how calming this space is. There is no video in this room either – just plants. It’s simple and awesome at the same time!

…And very much needed.

What are you doing to stay sane this week?

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