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2016 Quilt Finishes

Oceans Of Blue Quilt

When I look back over this crazy year, I realize that I’ve been quite productive in my quilting efforts compared to previous years. I think it’s because I’m loving my new Juki machine!

Here are all the quilts I finished this year:

Green Cross Quilt #3
Green Cross Series #3
Green Cross Series #4
Green Cross Series #4
Earth Energy Quilt
Earth Energy Quilt
Green Gardens Quilt
Green Gardens
Big Hexies
POP – Big Hexie Quilt using my own fabric designs from Spoonflower
Root Chakra quilt
Root Chakra Quilt
Hexie Hummingbird Finish
Hexie Hummingbird
Manipura Quilt Front
Manipura Quilt

I hope 2017 proves to be just as productive for me. I want to follow through and do 5 more quilts based on the Chakra system to complete that as a series, finish my 2nd Hexie Hummingbird, and possibly start a new hexie project!

What are your 2017 quilt goals?

15 thoughts on “2016 Quilt Finishes”

    1. I’m writing the pattern now… I should have it ready in a few weeks, and I believe I’ll call it Swirling Oceans 😉

  1. Did you ever get the pattern for Swirling Oceans (Oceans of Blue) finished. How do I go about buying it?
    It is beautiful and I have a stash of purples that would look beautiful

    Della Lee

    1. Hi Della! I’m close to finishing the pattern. I’ll need to pattern test it too – hoping to have it ready by June 1.

  2. I love that quilt, Oceans of Blue. My nephew wants a blue quilt. Where can I can the pattern for this. I think he would like it

    1. Oh Thanks Sharon! I’m currently writing the quilt pattern and it should be ready by June – check back in a few weeks!

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