Green Cross #3 Detail

Cannabis To The Rescue!

Oh my, what a morning I’ve had… really not a fan of nausea in any sense, but waking up to it almost every day makes it a little difficult to get out of bed. Today was a doozy. I ended up smoking early, and the immediate relief I felt was so amazing – I think I may be doing the ‘wake-n-bake’ till this symptom passes. (and… no, I’m not pregnant – for all those with that question 😉 )

Green Cross Series #4
Green Cross Series #4

I don’t write about this awesome weed much… but it is a huge part of my day to day life. So – I figure this is a good topic for the #31 Day Blog Challenge I’m taking part in. With cannabis, I avoid all meds for depression, anxiety, nausea, and insomnia – it also helped me quit cigarettes, meth, and alcohol.  It’s the only pain medication I can take that doesn’t make my liver hurt – I just can’t say enough good things about it!

Green Cross Series #2
Green Cross Series #2

Last year when Cannabis was legalized for recreational use, I made special quilts to celebrate – the first was a large quilt: The Green Cross Quilt, then I made (4) smaller quilts in a series. Even though I’d been on the medicinal plan for years, it was still a big deal. It legitimizes me and so many people I know. It feels great not to have to hide who I am in public, and that is fantastic!

It’s not like I need to have a pipe in my mouth at all times… in fact, I use concentrated oils where each dose lasts a long time, so I don’t feel it interferes with my lifestyle in any way. It also helps me relax and enjoy whatever project I’m currently working on – fantastic for hand-stitching!

I know it’s not for everyone, but it works for me, and I am so absolutely thrilled it’s becoming legal in more and more states. Have you ever tried Cannabis? What was your experience?

Green Cross #3 Detail





2 responses to “Cannabis To The Rescue!”

  1. Dawn Avatar

    Good for you for being open and affirming about what cannabis does for you, Gail! I love all of your Green Cross quilts — not just because my favorite color is green but because they are symbolic and meaningful (as well as beautiful). You really put your heart and soul into your quilts!

    1. Gail Lizette Avatar
      Gail Lizette

      Thanks Dawn, it feels very ‘freeing’ to be open about it – and since it’s been legalized, there’s no real reason to be secretive. 😉 It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside feeling when someone really sees my quilts for what they mean to me, thank you!!

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