Rooster Wall Quilt

Happy Solstice!

Today marks the time when the days will start to get lighter again: Solstice! The days will become longer starting now.

It’s a great reason to celebrate, and it’s the reason we put lights on trees! Before electricity, people would put candles in trees outside to light their way this time of year because it got so dark out.

Who doesn’t love sunshine? I can totally understand why people have celebrated this time of year throughout the centuries. I made this Rooster Quilt years ago – the sun is paper pieced, and I think it’s the perfect Solstice art! 🙂

So on this darkest of dark days, I have much hope for the future and wish you all the best during this holiday season!

rooster Quilt





4 responses to “Happy Solstice!”

  1. Dawn Avatar

    Happy Solstice back to you, Gail! I have been enjoying your posts this month, especially seeing your progress on your new hexie bird!

    1. Gail Lizette Avatar
      Gail Lizette

      Thank you, Dawn! I’m enjoying the progress too 🙂

  2. Warm Quilts Avatar

    I love all of the colors in the Rooster Wall Quilt. And, am a big fan of the days getting a bit longer each day, too.

    1. Gail Lizette Avatar
      Gail Lizette

      Thanks! Yes, that sunshine helps create a happy heart!

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