Jellyfish Hexie Pattern Cover

EPP Hexie Patterns

I’ve been working hard over the last month to create these patterns for all of my hexie quilts and projects, and I finally finished them all! These are all English Paper Pieced patterns (EPP). The Jellyfish, The Wood Dragon, The Squid, Hummingbird, and A Hexie Garden Patterns are all available as .pdf downloads.

It was interesting going back in time and looking at my notes to how to do certain things, and how those things evolved over time. I really do love working with the hexie shape!

Do you EPP? Which one would be your favorite? Leave a message below telling which pattern you’d choose and why.  I’ll do a random drawing for a winner who will get the pattern of their choice in a digital .pdf format! Drawing will be on September 5, 2017.





8 responses to “EPP Hexie Patterns”

  1. Judith Inge Avatar
    Judith Inge

    I’m loving them all so much but I think I’d like the placemat for 2 reasons. First, it would make more sense as a project to do on road trips and in waiting rooms. Second, it’s likely to finally become a full size quilt….one day.

    1. Gail Lizette Avatar
      Gail Lizette

      You can do the Placemat pattern in one of 3 sizes – it’s a placemat when you use 1/2″ hexies, a table topper if you use 1″ hexies… and it could even be a throw quilt using 2″ hexies!

  2. deknits Avatar

    I would love to make the jellyfish one for my niece who loves jellyfish! They are all just gorgeous, Gail. <3

    1. Gail Lizette Avatar
      Gail Lizette

      Thanks so much, Denise!

  3. Dawn Avatar

    It’s *almost* a tie between The Jellyfish and The Hummingbird — I love them both! — but The Jellyfish wins. I remember being mesmerized by the jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium a few years ago and your interpretation of them brings back that memory. Plus I love what you did with color in this quilt.

    1. Gail Lizette Avatar
      Gail Lizette

      Thanks Dawn! I love going to aquariums… and jellyfish are so fun to watch – sea dragons too!

  4. Charo Lopez Avatar
    Charo Lopez

    I like to know where I can get the patterns.

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