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I really like to sew… but I do have some other skills that I try to sharpen at times. I’m self-taught on the computer and learned Illustrator well enough to become a graphic designer for our screen printing business. All the website work for our business and this quilting blog is done by me too.

So now I’m dabbling in some stop-motion animation, and I paired it up with my hand-stitching, and I made a fun little video:

This is the first “chunk” section that I’m making on the Kaleidoscope Quilt. This one is No.4 of 10, so I’ll be sewing these for the next month before I get to start on the next big chunk on the quilt. Here are 3 of the chunks with the center ring:

kaleidoscope chunk in progress

By themselves, they are very strange looking, but as they get added to the center piece, the pattern is starting to stand out – so exciting!





2 responses to “Animation Play”

  1. Marjorie Avatar

    Love the animation and the quilt in general. SO BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for posting, Gail.

    1. Gail Lizette Avatar
      Gail Lizette

      Thank you Marjorie! It was a fun little project to work on!

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