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Kaleidoscope Quilt Top Finish

Kaleidoscope quilt
Kaleidoscope quilt

It’s done! Kaleidoscope Quilt Top is done!

I’m excited to show it at guild tonight. And to publish the pattern to this in the next few days! More to come as I figure out how I’m going to quilt it, or have it quilted – just wanted to share the finished top!!

4 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Quilt Top Finish”

    1. Thanks Nicole! I plan to bring this one in to my friend Nancy Stovall to longarm it. She does amazing work and I think it will help make it a show-worthy quilt. I’ll either add a border – over the edges and quilt through all layers… or I’ll stitch around the binding a few times to hold all stitches in place, then trim square.

    1. I did sell this pattern a few years ago. Was thinking of re-doing the sections into smaller chunks to make it easier, but I still haven’t done that. I may upload as-is – it’s currently set up how I pieced my own Kaleidoscope Quilt together, so it can’t be that bad 😉

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