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Selfish Quilting

interlaced orbs quilting

Yep. That’s what I feel I’m doing right now:
quilting for myself.

I know many people who are very creative, and they make and make and make – and all for other people. It’s amazingly beautiful to see. I want to be that person someday… but for now, I’m working on personal mental health, and quilting is the best way into my psyche – for me to see from a different perspective from within myself. It’s hard to explain, but basically, it’s my therapy.

Not having insurance keeps me very industrious when it comes to healthcare. I need to be constantly pro-active and in tune without playing “the victim”. I change my diet, take suppliments, and exercise according to things I read and hear… and based on how I actually feel.

Now I’m tackling the mental aspect of my health and I’m doing it with fabric!

I started with the Root Chakra quilt after a few old friends passed away from liver failure – and I wanted to focus on my own liver issues. Then I created the Manipura quilt after a deep-seeded realization came up during a yoga meditation about my family. After that I made the Vishuddha quilt. This one was all about finding some self-esteem and learning to find and speak my own truth – something I’m still working on.

I have 4 quilts left to make in this series, and I feel blocked for all of them. This is already telling me there are some serious issues here to delve into and work out. I have ideas for three of the quilts, but still need some focus and study time before I start stitching.

The Interlaced Orbs quilt is almost finished – I decided to use my sample as the cover quilt and change the colors of the pattern to match. After I finish, I need to get some pictures so I can publish the pattern already!!

Interlaced Orbs Quilt Pattern
Getting ready to quilt Interlaced Orbs

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