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Getting Photos

vishuddha chakra quilt

I’ve been working on my ability to photograph quilts by myself. Quilt photography is very tricky and a bit expensive if you have to pay for it. However, it’s worth every penny to get a photo that will really show a quilt in its best light.

I recently got a portable quilt-hanger, and now I feel like I can really get good photos. I know I still need work, and a better camera always helps… but for what I have, I think these are pretty good.

Below find new final photos of the Vishuddha Quilt I finished last year, as well as the full photo for Neopolitan Interlaced Orbs… not too bad – eh?

vishuddha quilt

“I AM WORTHY” front center of Vishuddha Quilt:

i am worthy quilting

Vishuddha Quilt Label – hand printed by my husband Gregg:

Vishuddha Quilt Label
Neopolitan Interlaced Orbs (Pattern Available Here)

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