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New Book!

Kaleidoscope hand pieced quilt

After getting my Kaleidoscope Quilt back from Nancy at Just Quilting, I updated the pattern I created for this quilt to add the photo.

Once I was back in the working file, I found a couple edits, and I added so much more information that it turned into a book – 46 pages! I found a great place online to print it as a self-published book and had one made for myself. The quality is pretty amazing for a print-on-demand book. I was able to add full color and use a spiral binding so the book can be opened flat while using.

I have the updated .pdf version available in the store, but if you are interested in a printed pattern in book form, here it is!

The Kaleidoscope Quilt & Hand Piecing Pattern Book Cover - Gail Lizette Weiss

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