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Quilting My Heart Out

Heart Chakra Quilt

I’m having a lot of fun with puns for my Heart Chakra Quilt. All joking aside, this is going to be a fairly major project.

Here’s the finished look of the top:

Heart Chakra Quilt
Planning the quilting.

This is NOT a perfect quilt or a quilt for a perfectionist. I purposefully left mistakes in because this quilt is turning out to be a pretty good representation of me. The more I think of how my physical body interacts with the spiritual world (which is what the center star represents) the more I realize how bumpy and imperfect my path has been.

Since it’s not perfect, straight line quilting just won’t do. It would show the imperfections in a bad way. So I pulled out my free motion quilting foot for my Juki machine and decided to free hand the whole thing.

Heart Chakra Quilt
Printed quilting image on newsprint, will pull paper out after quilting.

The center hexies deserved a little more planning, so I created this ‘flower’, printed it on newsprint and used it as a quilting template. After doing these initial lines, I pulled the paper and added more in detail.

Heart Chakra Quilt
Free motion quilting results on the back

Here is the back after I quilted the center – again… not perfect, but I really like the organic nature of how it came out.

Now I’m working my way out from this center piece and working on being okay with all the imperfections – this fully correlates to my life.

2 thoughts on “Quilting My Heart Out”

  1. I know you’re further along on this but the top looks amazing. And funny how you wrote that you left imperfections in it, just like you have. It looks perfect to me – and isn’t that how we see others, or rather, we don’t see the internal imperfections?

    1. It’s so true… we don’t see internal imperfections! I see and am enamored with so many quilters out there, and they seem to have it all ‘put together’, so I’m always shocked when I hear of personal hardships they may be going through. It’s a good reminder for me to think before making judgment calls!

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