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Things are very *in flux* emotionally for me right now. Unfortunately the main thing I’ve been feeling is anxiety. Or maybe not anxiety – I’m not that worried about anything – but that feeling of falling all the time in the pit of my stomach. Some people describe it as butterflies in the tummy – but it’s much more of an intense feeling than that. It’s much more electric.

It’s all probably because my body is aging and going into that state of change all women know about. Not a fan. Looking forward to being on the other side of all this.

I also received notice that this blog has passed database usage limits, so I’m in the process of editing out older posts to get ready for new ones. I’m hoping to redesign the look of things here – and planning to do a bunch of updated hand stitching tutorials.

On the sewing front, I was able to help my friend Christina Cameli whose first new fabric line will be released early next year! I’m so excited for her! Anyway, she gave me some of her new luscious fabric – called: Moongate by Maywood Studio – to make a sample quilt to show her line at Quilt Market coming up soon. I can’t show pictures yet, but you can hit the link above to see her stellar new fabric!

From her quilt project, I have a pile of scraps and some extra fabric that I’m sewing together to make my own little quilt! In the meantime, I’ll share a fun picture of a pigeon on a wire in front of our house the other day. He seems to be saying something…

pigeon on a wire

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