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Sacral Chakra Quilt Start

orange fabrics

It’s time.

I finally pulled all my orange fabrics from my stash, and I’m getting ready to start the Sacral Chakra Quilt!

orange quilt fabrics
Sacral Quilt Fabric Pull

This is the second major Chakra system after the Root Chakra. It relates to passion, creativity, and self awareness. We learn from the Root Chakra about relationships with family members, and we use this knowledge (good or bad) to create new relationships as we grow older. If your foundation (root) is bad, you will have problems with all other relationships, and you may be stifled when it comes to creativity.

If you follow my blog, you know I’m learning all about this as I go… so if you’d like to read some more detailed information about this Chakra system, you can go here, here, or here.

This has been a difficult project to start. I think my energy is blocked in this area because I really struggle with creativity – even though it’s what I want to do all the time. I tend to think of what others would like rather than what I would like, and that affects my decision making in a way that hampers my voice in a critical way.

Fear and apprehension of what others might say or think is something that was seeded in me young and deep. It’s hard to clear that away and try to see with my own eyes and interpretations and to judge for myself what I like or don’t like.

I do like a challenge… and I have this idea to create lotus petals from a wedge ruler –

wedge template
Creating an additional template for the wedge ruler for lotus petals… work in progress.

We’ll see how this works out… I’ve never even used a wedge ruler before, so this will be interesting to say the least.

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