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Soothing Stitches

orange fabric wedges

Quilting has become my go-to self-therapy. Sewing makes me feel good because I’m creating something… and it’s usually something I like to look at. It also slows me down. My mind has a tendency to race and spin around all sorts of things. When I play with fabric – it all gets lost and I can plant my feet in the here & now, slow things down, and enjoy my time.

Currently, I’m working on the newest Chakra Quilt: The Sacral Chakra Quilt. I’m seeing a lot of orange all over my room. It’s one of my favorite colors, so it’s really fun.

Orange fabric
Orange explosion in the sewing room!

Swadhisthana Chakra

This particular Chakra relates to the sense of creativity, sexuality, and pleasure. It is the second Chakra, sitting right above the Root Chakra. Their close relationship means the foundation (Root) heavily influences the ability to create, and feel pleasure. When this energy center is blocked, it can result in feelings of inadequacy or a dissociation from emotion. Other signs of a sacral chakra imbalance are: depression, self-doubt, sexual dysfunction, and addiction.

This Chakra is blocked for me. I’ve always had issues with anxiety and depression. Self-doubt could be my middle name, never felt comfortable in my sexuality, and addiction has always been an issue. No wonder this has been a hard one to work through!


This is all coinciding with some new healing strategies I’m working on. My recent labs were extremely encouraging: I no longer have Candida, no more markers for leaky gut, and I tested negative on my last SIBO test! My diet changes are making a huge difference! But I’m still having digestive symptoms of heartburn, bloating, C&D, nausea, abdominal pain, etc. My Dr. found fatty liver, low liver/pancreatic enzymes, and the loss of my gall bladder are the actual problems.

The gall bladder holds and releases bile to help digest food after eating. Without this important organ, I have no extra bile for digestion. That means the food I eat may not leave the stomach because it’s not broken down enough to go into the small intestine. It will start to rot in my gut causing gas that bloats my belly and causes GERD. Bile is also the way that extra estrogen leaves your body, without good bile flow, estrogen dominance becomes a factor. That is not a good place to be during menopause.

Estrogen dominance is also caused by xenoestrogens like: environmental pollution found in plastics, pesticides, chemicals and water systems. This has been found to cause cause endometriosis.

So, in my never-ending quest for better health, I’ve started some new protocols and suppliments about a month ago and I’m starting to see some positive changes.

Orange fabric wedges
Orange fabric wedges in process.

Quilting To Health

While working on this quilt, I hope to settle into these new ways so that it doesn’t take so much effort to eat well and use my body more. I really want to be healthy, which means: No anxiety, no depression, no body pain, no indigestion, good sleep, extra energy, and a happy disposition.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and my new year resolution is to finish the last 3 Chakra quilts within the next 18 months, as well as put myself in the best health possible. My big b-day “treat” will be my health!

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