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Progress Report: Sacral Quilt

sacral quilt fabric on wall

I’ve been working on the Sacral Quilt project as part of the Chakra Quilt series. This has been quite a journey for me!

The actual sewing part of this has been meditative, it has provided a safe space to let my mind wander. I would rather be thinking about orange fabric than orange skin right now.

I’m letting the quilt guide me as far as design and layout choices. I know I want to use my new wedge ruler to make rays that signify lotus petals. I have a general idea of how I want it to look in my head, I just have to figure out construction as I go along.

Orange fabric wedges quilt in progress
Some orange ‘Lotus Petals’ on the design wall – in progress

I’m studying more about this particular Chakra, or energy system, in the body. It pertains to creativity and sexuality, and governs the abdominal organs. A block in this energy flow can cause issues of self doubt, fear of abandonment, abusive/controlling relationships, and loss of creative power.

This Chakra teaches that every relationship is made for a purpose – even if painful or hurtful, they give us a different point of view, for a larger, more truthful, awareness of ourselves. Even if it is unpleasant.

Sewing orange fabric pieces
Sewing orange pieces of fabric for Sacral Chakra Quilt

New Therapy

One new healing therapy I’m trying is Castor Oil Packs. Have you heard of this, or tried yourself?? Whoa… it’s been great for helping to detox. I have usually done them with towels or old flannels, but I was reading about how EVERYTHING made of fabric is treated with flame retardant chemicals. Castor oil will pull the toxins from anything it’s in contact with, that’s why it makes a great liver pack.

I got my first 2 packs from Queen Of The Thrones, they worked great. However, after time and washing, the oil seeped through the PUL coating, making them very messy. Some people use Saran Wrap to keep the oil contained, but that seems wasteful to me – especially if I do this on a nightly basis.

I found some waterproof PUL food grade fabric (and hopefully oil-proof) – you can see in the photo, on the ironing board. Most people use it to line the inside of lunch boxes. I plan to make an oil-proof cover for my liver pack. I want it to go around my torso for full coverage. Excited to make something that will allow me to use them all night without wrecking our sheets. We’ll see how that goes…

Orange fabric wedges on design wall
My current view


I just got some bloodwork labs back and I’m a little disappointed. They are almost like exams to me, and every year I try to learn more and make necessary dietary changes to ‘get better grades on my tests’, so it makes me feel a little frustration when things go the other direction.

Current levels I’m keenly watching: Ferritin: 8mg/nl (low), HS CRP: 7.7 (high), Glucose: 111 (high), Triglycerides: 334 (high), LDL: 105 (high), Non HDL: 150 (high). The triglycerides really have me stumped. They were high years ago, then I worked on it and got that number down to 197 just last year! Something made that number go up – I have to figure out why.

My iron level (Ferritin) is pretty low again too. I think that’s why I feel like I’m walking through cement sometimes…? Have you ever had low iron levels? Do you associate any exhaustion with it?

I’m going to take all these thoughts with me and go explore Portland Winter Light Festival tonight. I love wandering around in the rain looking at pretty lights. One of my best friends helps to organize it, I’m always so impressed with the work she does! This particular festival is a much needed lightness here in this world of grey days.

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