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Anarchist Jurisdiction


Ha! This new moniker given to Portland really cracks me up. There is so much happening in the world that I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. I took a bit of a break from writing here because quilting seems so unimportant in comparison to things we should be dealing with right now.

We made a T-shirt design, after this declaration was made, with some positive encouragement from quilt guild friends (Thanks Sam!). I had fun making a quick design, and we’re offering it in a Pre-Order sale through October 8, 2020. See listing below.

Still Quilting

Quilting is still my go-to way to process things mentally – and this is why I’m continuing work on my Chakra Quilt Series.

Earlier this summer I finished my Sacral Chakra Quilt, and realized I haven’t posted photos here yet! Here is the finished quilt:

Sacral Chakra Quilt
Finished Sacral Chakra Quilt

This quilt has been hanging in my living room for most of this Covid-Social Uprising-Fascist Dictatorship-period of time. I face it while I do my yoga and meditation at night. While I made this quilt with a specific look in mind, it’s only now that the true energy of the quilt is making itself known.

That energy is helping me understand that most of my own self-destructive nature is caused by an upbringing in a religious home where women are meant to be subservient to the men. THAT engrained thought pattern is destructive and divisive… and may be the biggest threat to our democracy right now. It happens to be a foundation in most religions… and it’s that exact foundation of oppression that we are facing as a nation. Especially with this new Supreme Court pick.

I’m not going to spin off – but I could. Easily.

As for now, I’ll be watching the news with full knowledge that things are about to change drastically. I hope enough good people are out there to push it to the side of equality, health, and recovery – rather than going the direction of this current administration.


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