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Favorite Color

What is your favorite color? That is one of the hardest questions for me, I can love any color – if used well! I used to say that black was my favorite color, but only because it was my favorite color for clothes when I was younger, I was a bit moody and very into punk rock. While black is still dominant in my closet, I have added a lot more color to my clothing choices as I’ve gotten older.

orange color block
Close Up of Sacral Chakra Quilt

When it comes to house colors I like the color yellow for kitchens, orange and purple for my bedroom, and aqua for bathrooms. I like white and red for cars. I like dark grey for house siding… and right now have a thing for acid green front doors. My bicycle is bright orange. I could never pick just one to be my favorite color.

pink color block
Pink Color Block

Using color in quilts has been very freeing. I can put any colors together in a quilt with fabric. I like using mismatched patterned fabrics, old and new prints, prints and solids – whatever. The weirder the mix of fabrics, the harder it is to make a cohesive quilt… but I love the challenge! For me it’s all about the color, and I love them all.


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