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My Sewing Machine

Juki sewing machine

I love my sewing machine! It’s a Juki TL-2010Q and it seems to be the best sewing machine for quilting – for me. I’m sharing a real-life photo: this is how my sewing machine looks most of the time.

Juki Sewing Machine
My Juki

I had planned on sharing a post about my workspace, but I will save that till I do a little more cleaning in here. Right now it looks too busy for me to even sew in. Do you get like that?: Needing to have your space cleared before starting a new or work on another project? I need it clear to create.

Here you can see my little hexie pin cushion I made a few years back – I keep my pins separated by color. I use the color of the pins to help mark which two pieces of fabric I will sew together first when I’m doing a chain-piecing project.

You can also see it’s time for me to wind some bobbins (I keep them on the extra spool holder), and you can see my home-made quarter inch seam allowance guide (taped cardboard). That has been a helpful tool! I should really get a real one to screw into the machine, but this works for now.

Acquiring The Machine

This machine had been a wish of mine for a few years. I knew a few people from our quilt guild who had purchased one of these and loved it for free-motion-quilting. My old sewing machine was a Singer CG550 and I loved that machine for all it did, but it was difficult to quilt on, and it was starting to have issues with the bobbin working right.

In 2015 I entered the Jellyfish Quilt into the Northwest Quilting Expo here in Portland… and I won 3rd place in the intermediate category. The win came with a small cash prize that I put toward this Juki. Plus, because it was a show, the dealer for the machines had a great deal! I’ve been using this machine exclusively ever since. And because it’s great for free-motion-quilting, I’ve done all my own quilting since I got it too.

Hexie Jellyfish 3rd Place Ribbon
Hexie Jellyfish – 3rd Place Ribbon 2015

This is me *waves hi* with my Jellyfish, and that ribbon. This was a great day for me, and now I have my sewing machine to remind me of it every time I work on it! For now, the plan is to clean up the room and get ready for some video tutorials. Till tomorrow – Happy Quilting!

2 thoughts on “My Sewing Machine”

  1. Hi Gail,
    I have this same machine and LOVE it. If you are interested, a woman who works at Montavilla (Alethia?) hooked me up with a 1/4″ foot from another manufacturer. I think it’s Janome. Anyway, not all feet work on the Juki but she knew about this one and it’s been a lifesaver.


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