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Sewing Mojo

Third Eye quilt layout test

I’ve been a bit distracted and my sewing mojo is just not what it should be. Currently I’m working on the Third Eye Chakra quilt. It is taking time because I just haven’t been ‘feeling it’. I’m working on this particular series as a way to help heal past traumas to help my physical wellbeing now.

This particular energy system is basically our base of intuition. It determines reality and beliefs based on what we choose to see in the world. I think my whole interpretation of the world has been smashed this year, and my sewing mojo with it. I thought people were generally smarter and less racist than they are proving to be – at least here in the US.

Needed Change

We have so much work to do for needed change. Especially religious white people… and it all starts with education. I think if you can believe that there is some entity that will forgive all sins and send you to heaven, that you also have the ability to believe that some people are not worthy of that forgiveness. You allow yourself to believe that some people are ‘less than’ you – just because they don’t believe the way you do. And, if you can believe some people are less than you, you may even be able to bring yourself to believe they are not worthy of life.

The religion I come from believes that way. If you are not one of them, you are with Satan, and you will be destroyed in Armageddon. Plain and simple. Since my folks believe this way, they will not speak or have anything to do with me… because God will be destroying me anyway due to my Satanic tendencies. I’m their firstborn, and have not seen them, or my siblings (or anyone else in the congregation) in 30 years.

Quilt Progress

These are the ideas in my head as I’m pondering the next steps with this quilt. Trying hard to get the sewing mojo back and get this quilt top finished!

Third Eye Quilt idea on the design wall
One layout idea – but not the one I’m going with.

This is not how it’s going to look – but made for a fun photo! I’m loving the purples. I’ve been rearranging these wedges for days, and I think I’m close to a layout I like… then I can sew them together.

Once the wedges are sewn, I’ll need to make a backing for the circle to be appliquéd to. I’m thinking of making 1″ squares – all in purples different from the wedges. That means lots of cutting and chain stitching. Time to get ready!

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