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2021 Restart

third eye quilt in progress

Happy New Year friends! I’m happy 2020 is over and we get a 2021 restart, beginning with new leadership. The recent news has been a great source of information about how government actually works. I’ve been enjoying the civics lesson! My biggest hope is that those perpetuating lies will be held fully accountable. FULLY… as in life-long prison sentences for many of them including the one at the top.

While I’m trying to stay on top of my emotions, and keep from letting white supremacists frustrate me, I’ve been sewing. I’m still working on the Third Eye Chakra Quilt. I’m working on the background of the quilt, which is made up of over 4,000 one inch squares. It’s taking some time, but I’m enjoying the chain-stitching immensely. I really enjoy monotonous work when I need to process emotion.

third eye quilt in progress
Making blocks for the first quadrant of the background.

This quilt is starting to talk to me too. The background is turning out very pixelated looking – like there might be something there if you squint… but it’s all super random. Then the center wedges will be appliquéd over the squares to create two halves of a circle that will represent the 2 lotus petals of the 6th Chakra. These two half-circles will represent ‘focusing’ – taking all those squares and focusing them into view. Then I plan to create something special for the center that is to represent the focus of the Third Eye. Still unclear on those details, but it’s all starting to come together.

third eye chakra quilt in progress
Squaring up 4 inch square blocks for Third Eye Chakra Quilt

On a side note, my birthday is this week. All holidays make me think of my folks, which is always sad – no matter how tough I want to be about it. However, it does give me great insight into the people who committed sedition on the 6th. I’ll clue you in: No one can reason with rabid followers of crazy cults. Cut all ties and hold them accountable – or they will come back and make your life miserable. Seriously.

I am a bit hopeful for accountability. We’ll see if / how that actually plays out. Accountability is what this country is desperate for, and there are a lot of new people in leadership like Cori Bush who seem ready to do that work. It would go a long way towards real social justice reform. In the meantime, I’m going to keep sewing …and writing my representatives.

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