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A Patreon Creator

fpp diamond finished

I’m doing something big and a little scary… I’m moving my quilt blog to Patreon, as a Patreon Creator, and I really hope you’ll join me!

I feel a great desire to continue to create, to finish my Chakra Quilt Series, to show them in an art installation, and write a book about them. I also want to create new quilts and quilt patterns to sell. As a Patreon Creator, I’ll be able to create a private online community to be able to share more freely. If you support me there, I can include you in my new community where you will receive free digital downloads, and access to any new quilt pattern or digital design I finish. I’m also working on new blocks for a Block of the Month pattern that we can do together once it’s ready!

I tend to hold back on writing certain things here on this very public blog. Even though I don’t have many followers, anyone can find my musings here. I’d like to be more open, share my knowledge… and my mistakes… and feel like I’m in a safe space with supportive people.

I’m using the resources that I currently have at my disposal (computer and Adobe apps) to be more productive in hopes my productivity will turn into financial stability. will be my platform for this new adventure.

Third Eye Chakra Quilt Progress

I’ve been working on my 6th Chakra quilt in the series of seven, and I just finished the paper-pieced gem or emerald-cut diamond that will go in the center of the quilt. The background is all pixelated – hard to focus, but as you try, things start to spin – then everything comes into crystal clear focus. I’m so happy with how it’s turning out:

Third Eye Chakra Quilt top finisih - purple quilt with diamond center
Third Eye Chakra Quilt Top on design wall – ready to quilt

The Foundation Paper Pieced (FPP) gem took me about 10 days to complete. Very teeny, tiny pieces… but the overall effect made the time very worthwhile!

Pulling FPP papers from the back of the fabric gem
Pulling the papers from the FPP Diamond
FPP Emerald-cut Diamond - made from solid fabrics.
FPP Emerald-cut Diamond – made from solid fabrics.

I’m working on a pattern for this gem – and I’ll be offering it as a free perk for becoming a $5 supporting patron in Team Honeybun.

I’m still organizing a posting/hosting schedule so that I can offer some digital graphic goodies every week. Even just a positive thought on a pretty abstract background that could be used as a screensaver…? So many ideas!

A Doctor Visit!

It may not seem too exciting… but for me, getting insurance this year is huge! I already had a doctor visit, some lab work done, and now have referrals to a gastroenterologist, a vestibular specialist, and a counselor. I even had a set of labs done – and I got the results within 24 hours of the tests!

My diet, suppliment, and exercise regimen is paying off. My CRP numbers went down drastically, and my triglycerides and cholesterol are in a much better range. Still have work to do… my blood sugar is also still a little elevated. The two results that are resonating with me are low ferritin levels and a positive test for a mutation of the MTFHR gene.

Luckily, I only have one mutation of the gene. It basically makes my body unable to metabolize folic acid, and it also slows the body’s detoxification process. So, between that and being anemic – things are starting to make sense as to why I feel so crummy most of the time. I already have a new suppliment on the way that will help me metabolize folic acid – and I have an appointment set up for IV infusions of iron. I think these two things will make a huge difference in my quality of life, and I’m very excited about it.

While I still plan to post here every so often, I will be posting regularly at Patreon with more to share starting 3/1/21 – I would love to have you join me!

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