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Excited vs. Anxious

kitty on a stump

I don’t know if there is a whole lot of difference between excited vs. anxious. The feeling in my gut is the exactly same for either of those emotions. So I’m choosing to be excited. OMG… I’m so excited!

In a few hours I’m leaving to go to my first Iron IV infusion appointment. I’m anxious about how it will make me feel while doing it. I know afterwards I’ll feel great, but during… when the needle in my arm, will I get nauseas or have to go to the bathroom? Will I be safe from Covid? It freaks me out to do these in person appointments, but I probably will never have insurance again, and I plan to take full advantage of having healthcare while I can!

Next step is to go find a good book, this will take at least an hour, so reading is on my to do list. Fun fact: I still don’t own a real cellphone! I have a Tracfone we keep in the car for emergency calls and texts, but not used as normal. I like not being connected all the time. I work from home and am at my desktop plenty enough time. I’m into sci-fi and detective novels, so authors like Dan Simmons are at the top of my favorite list, but I need something new. Time to look in the library (no phone, but we do have a lot of books… and vinyl too!)

I think I’m going to do a little yoga too. Breathing is good.

What do you do to calm your nerves when you’re a little too excited? Right now, I’m going to look at the cute kitties outside my door. This one is so similar to our Taz kitty, so cute!

Kitty sitting on a stump outside
Kitty on a Stump

2 thoughts on “Excited vs. Anxious”

  1. Update: I had the IV infusion yesterday and it was just fine. I tasted it in my mouth, but that was the only negative effect besides a bit of a headache. Already feel like I have more energy!! No fear at all for the next round.

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