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Life Jolts

toys, books, billiard balls

It is so very strange when life gives you a hefty little jolt. We had one here this week and I’m still a bit shaken. I am again extremely thankful that we were able to get health insurance this year! Really helps with those heavy life jolts.

My husband went to the Doctor last Friday for a basic check up – since we haven’t had insurance in decades, it seems like the best first thing to do. They did an immediate EKG, and ran all sorts of tests, and set up an appointment for the cardiologist. His blood pressure was very high… like so high, they said if he was overweight, he’d be dead for sure. I guess it’s not good to have readings where the bottom number is over 110. The top number was also in the severe range, but it seems the bottom number is more important. I’ll be studying all the heart stuff later today. Luckily, he’s now currently on medications and we are making dietary changes to cut salt, caffeine, and sugar. At least I know my way around healthy eating… but I haven’t yet subdued this jolt in my tummy.

It makes you take a real hard look at life and reality as it actually is… and makes me super thankful we caught this when we did and that we can make changes to keep him in the living world. Nothing like that type of scare to make you think seriously about the future – and personally makes me want to have money. I dislike everything about money, except for what it allows you to be able to do. We are continuing on our quest to work up more business, and come up with new ideas for income. I am trying not to be freaked out.

Tummy Toss

This bit of information about my husband came right after I had my 2nd iron infusion. I have to say, it was like being on speed to some degree… I had so much energy I didn’t know what to do with it. So when I found out about his blood pressure, I had ALL the energy in the world needed for anxiety! The only thing that’s been helping with that icky feeling in my gut is going for long walks or jumping on the mini-trampoline. I’ve been trying to work on designs, but my mind is not in the right place for that. I know this will pass and I’ll be able to get back to my creativity. For now I will be breathing, stretching, walking, and resting to ease my tummy.

Open To Opportunity

This is my current mantra: “I am open to all opportunity”… and I really am. Sometimes I even think of going to school to get a degree of some sort so that I don’t have to grapple with my intense sense of Imposter Syndrome. However, that would just cost more money, and there’s no guarantee it will help. I will just keep my eyes open, keep moving forward on some of our small business plans, and I’ll keep studying marketing.

I wish I had something better to write about today, but I felt the need to vent and express my reality. If for no other reason that to just get it off my chest! For your visual enjoyment, I’m adding one of my husband’s random still life photos from around our house.

books, toys, chicken cups, billiard balls
Still life photos of home.

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