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Updates and Coding

kitty Taz

This site has been my go-to space for writing about quilting and some of my health and emotional issues. I’ve been blogging here since 2010 and I’ve moved the site a few times to different hosting plans and servers. Because of all that moving and re-organizing, there were over 2000 broken links on this site last week. Today, after a full week of attention and coding work, I’ve completed that mission – and it feels great!

It’s definitely not as fun as quilting, but it sure feels good to know that old links will still get to where they need to be. I’m trying to make the site run faster. I know it’s slow, and that is making me a little frustrated. My last effort in making change here is to move it to another (faster) hosting platform -one created for WordPress. That will incur a bit more in monthly fees, and I’m not quite ready for that. So I’m going to wait until my store brings in enough $$ to cover those costs.

That said, I created my own shop for quilt patterns and other quilt-related items. I’m really excited about it. This was one of my main goals in updating this site: to create my own shop, separate from Phantom Chicken. I’ve made the decision to turn my quilting passion into a business, and in order to grow, it needs to be its own thing. Still, I don’t plan to push this business, I’m just creating a strong foundation to grow from. I’d like to focus on quilt pattern design, graphic designs for mugs and other household items, quilt commissions, and possibly a Quilt-Along in the future. I’m hoping that by the time we can’t print anymore (retirement), we can depend on some pattern sales for income! We’ll see how that turns out.

I recently got some word back from my GI Dr. too. She said I have gastritis and duodenal lymphocytosis and wants me to eat gluten for 2 weeks and come back in for bloodwork to check for Celiac disease. I also had a couple of big poylps removed – no cancer, but the kind that can be cancerous. So all in all, it looks like I’m way healthier than I thought. Just doesn’t feel like it with constant diarrhea, headaches, joint pain, bloating, nausea, etc. I don’t quite know what to check for next…? Liver and pancreas issues maybe? I wish seeing a Dr. would’ve helped in this detective work, but it seems it is just making the mystery bigger… and my debt too. I didn’t realize that health insurance doesn’t really cover much. Ugggh!

Today is Saturday, and I plan on spending the day on my sewing machine with my Crown Chakra quilt. It’s really turning out pretty. It will be one to see in person. All the white on white prints don’t translate well into photos. I have a deadline now too… I’ve committed to my first commissioned quilt since starting the Charka Quilt Series. It’s for a screen printing client who wants to get something special for his wife, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!! They have a chosen color palate, and quilt pattern, but I can freely create from there. The excitement of starting a brand new project has me anxious to get this current quilt finished!

Taz Kitty on quilt

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts, it feels good to have this small accountability check. Here’s a photo of our Kitty Taz on one of my older quilts. It’s amazing how much I love this dangerous, fluffy beastie!

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