Slight Struggles

crown chakra quilt by Gail Lizette Weiss

Hey there stranger! I’ve been off the screens for a bit, working through some slight struggles. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much crazy is happening in the world right now. It’s good to just sit with your own thoughts for a while.

Big news in my world: I finished the Chakra Quilt Series!! I bound and put a label on the Crown Chakra quilt earlier this month. Here is the finished quilt:

Crown Chakra Quilt by Gail Lizette Weiss
Crown Chakra Quilt by Gail Lizette Weiss

Now that I have the quilts done, I’ve started writing about them. I’m going to self-publish a book about these quilts and the process of making them. I’m really excited about it. I recently found a self publishing book company that will print small quantities of hard cover books – and is not affiliated with the big A. I’ve downloaded the printing templates, and am starting to do the writing. I will need to do a real photo shoot to get better photos too. Lots of work to do in that regard. Once I’m done, I’m might set up a Kickstarter campaign to cover the initial printing costs.

In the meantime, I’m working on a special quilt commission. It will be big enough to fit on a Queen bed with a bit of a hang on each side. I’m going through fabric much faster than expected! Luckily I asked for a deposit to cover materials. I’m making it so that if they don’t like it, I’ll be more than happy to keep it for myself! I can’t wait to share… it’s so colorful. After making this mostly white quilt, using color again is so much fun!!

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