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fabric in closet rooster quilt

The last two weeks I’ve been working on cleaning and organizing my sewing and quilting space. It is also my office space for work, and it was a total mess and affecting my productivity.

To inspire myself, I bought a new rug for the space. I pulled everything out into the living room, cleaned the floors and the walls, then put the new rug in and re-set the whole space. It’s feeling pretty f’n good right now!

Here is all my patterned quilting fabric in one space:

Organizing patterned fabrics in closet
Closet space full of quilting fabric. Rooster wall quilt was one of my first quilt makes ever.

Solids are my favorite to work with, so I have a lot of solids, and put all that into bins under my cutting table. Not the most accessible, but better than it was before: in boxes, and at the bottom of my patterned fabrics.

Organizing solid fabrics
Solid fabrics in bins. New rug too.

After going through all my bigger pieces of fabric, I still had a big box of scrap fabrics I was collecting for hexie projects. Those pieces are pretty small, and I was really super tempted to toss them all. However, I just can’t seem to let go of things so easily… so I went through it all and sorted them into colors.

Organizing scrap fabrics
Scrap fabrics. For hexie-making or for improv quilting.

I now have a HUGE list of projects, mostly small things to finish. It’s great to have a nice clean space to start those with. Even Taz kitty got a new piece of thick corduroy that I stuffed with batting scraps as a new bed, and he’s fully enjoying it on the new rug in front of the heating vent!

Taz kitty
Taz Kitty sleeping.

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