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Fairly Isleish

fairly isleish pattern by gail lizette

Big thanks to Kim from KMJ_Creations on IG for helping me come up with a name for my new quilt pattern! She said my quilt pattern reminded her of the knitting patterns of the Fair Isles. I looked it up and she was right… very linear geometric designs. The knitting patterns are more limited, both in pattern and color layout, but I thought it was similar enough to call it the Fairly Isleish Quilt.

I feel like I’m cruising on the progress. I’m already on the third row and about to finish it. There are 17 rows altogether, and I’m guessing the final size of this quilt will be approximately 45″ x 50″. It’s hard to tell because the quilting, finishing the edges, and shrinking in the wash always reduces the planned size for me.

Another fun thing I’m doing is using this pattern as a surface design pattern. So I can apply it to all sorts of things like coffee mugs and apparel. I have a few items set up in my shop already with this pattern. I’m also working on a digital pattern for piecing the actual quilt together. It’s a pretty simple pattern, but the color choices are unique because I’m using only what I have already on hand. Sometimes limitations create the best designs!

Once I get all the colors labeled for each row, I can publish the EPP (English Paper Pieced) pattern. It uses the same 5 shapes as a La Passacaglia quilt. I just designed in rows rather than rounds. I really love how this pattern looks. The plan is to layout this design in 2 other colorways – more monochromatic, to use in apparel and other digitally printed items. We’ll see how that goes… sometimes changing the colors in a design can ruin it completely.

Hope you all enjoyed the last few weeks on holiday with friends and family!

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