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Fairly Isleish Quilt Progress

fairly isleish quilt stitching

I’m so thrilled to show you my progress on the Fairly Isleish Quilt! But first things first:


I can hardly believe it’s 2022… and that I’m still here! I really didn’t think I’d make it past 25, so each and every year beyond that is BONUS. Now I’m past 50 so it’s really: BONUS-PLUS! Time is such a strange concept. Speaking of time, I really wanted to be announcing my Chakra Quilt Book this year, but it’s just taking much more time than expected. Turns out deciding what to make public is a tough question for me. I feel it’s all the personal stuff that makes those quilts buzz with energy, so I’ll need to be more personal in my writing, and I may need a little counsel on that.

Quilt Progress

It’s been dark out, so I’ve been sewing a lot. I found I can make a block from the Fairly Isleish quilt in a day or two. Takes about 4 hours for each block.

Fairly Isleish Quilt in progress on design wall.
Fairly Isleish Quilt in progress on design wall.

This photo shows the beginning of the second row of blocks. I was going to wait to sew the blocks together to see if I might want to re-arrange them differently than on my design… but then decided to stick with the plan. So I might start sewing the blocks together soon too.

Third Row Work - Fairly Isleish Quilt
Third Row Work – Fairly Isleish Quilt

This is what one block layout looks like as I’m sewing. I have to lay them out how I’ll sew them together – only to ensure I’m sewing the right sides together when I start stitching. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get a shape twisted in the wrong direction. You can see my seam ripper in the photo – it has been used on every block so far at least once!

Third Row - Fairly Isleish Quilt on the design wall.
Third Row – Fairly Isleish Quilt on the design wall.

Here you can see where that block will fit into the layout on the design wall. I’m so excited with how it’s starting to look!

This quilt project is a slow-go. While I’m working on this, I’m also working on bookkeeping for taxes, a new website for our T-shirt printing business, and the writing for the Chakra book. My husband has also started caring for the local neighborhood feral cats. He’s up to 14 at a time for feeding, all named, all being trained to use litter box. We even have a date set to bring as many as we can in for fixing – hopefully BEFORE the next wave of kitties explodes.

Kitty Overload

Feral Kitty: Monchichi
Feral Kitty: Monchichi

Here’s a photo of Monchichi – she is one of my favorites, looking all pretty for the camera. I’m getting my husband a phone so he can start doing videos of the ferals and start a TikTok for them. I’m hoping that maybe we can start a kitty-fixing-fund. Maybe even start doing kitty fostering… they need the help. We’re really not great at learning apps like that, but going to try. If you have ideas on how to set up – or which app might work better for us old-timers – hit me up!

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