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Added One More

FIQ progress red row

I recently added one more year and had a birthday! When it comes to birthdays, I get a little weird… I don’t want to make a big deal about them, but I still want to celebrate. I think the celebration of holidays are what I missed most about my childhood, and now that I’m an adult, I feel I don’t really know how to celebrate these things. It’s a unique dilemma.

My husband does not have this issue, and he knows me.

My birthday growgu gift
My B-day Growgu

He brought home this little guy for me. We’ve been watching The Mandolorian and we fell in love with this character. Along with the joy, he also brought some real deep sadness. When my husband went to NY around Thanksgiving last year, he spent time with his sister and our brother in law. They turned him onto The Mandolorian and all three of them ended up binge-watching the whole first season together in a few days.

Totally out of the blue, my wonderful brother in law passed away a few weeks back, and it was a massive shock for the entire family. Especially for my sister in law and my young niece. Now Growgu reminds me of them, and will always hold a bit of sadness. We are all still reeling a bit. This is why it’s been a while since I posted.

Fairly Isleish Quilt Progress

The progress on my latest quilt project is rolling forward!

One hand-stitched block from the Fairly Isleish Quilt
One hand-stitched block from the Fairly Isleish Quilt

I’ve been trying to get one of these blocks done every two days. Lately it’s been taking a little longer only because I started another HUGE project: creating a new website for our business. It’s not up yet… I still have another week or two of coding work before I can publish. The hardest part of that whole mess is setting up a working interactive form.

However, I have been making time in the evenings to sew while I (sort of) watch tv. I like to watch documentaries while sewing. Listening to history – or whatever the topic is – is really fun for me. I just watched one called They Gotta Have Us about excellent black filmmakers and actors that was really good.

Fairly Isleish Quilt progress on design wall
Fairly Isleish Quilt progress on design wall

Here’s where I’m currently at with this quilt – on the second to the last row… of the one side. I still have the same seven rows to add to the other side of the center row. Which means I’m almost halfway done with this quilt top!

Here’s the layout for the block of the row I’m currently working on:

Yellow Row - Fairly Isleish Quilt Progress
Yellow Row – Fairly Isleish Quilt Progress

I have this one plus one more in this row before I can start the last row – YAY!! So close!


me at 53

I’ve been enjoying the no-makeup thing with Covid, and am starting to get used to how it looks. I feel like make up and wrinkles are not a good match. Seems to make me look older than I am when I put it on. Plus now with menopause, my skin is clearing up a bit for the first time ever… still not great, but better.

I took the photo in front of our wall display of albums. We switch them out every so often, I love using albums as artwork! Do you still have vinyl? I love it – and cassette tapes too. I wish I could plug a tape player into my Sonos sound system and listen to all the mix tapes we have saved. I’m craving some of that music right now… especially with the political landscape we’re currently in – 80’s punk is still relevant in its politics!

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