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Trying New Things

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been so busy trying out some new ideas, I lose track of time and all of a sudden it’s a month or two before my next post! Trying new things has been a little out of my comfort zone, but totally worth it.

Recently I presented a virtual trunk show – and I’m pretty excited by what I learned in the creation of it, and how it’s a great way to showcase my quilts! Of course, a real live show is what I want to set up the most… but this is good for now in the time of virtual everything.

My trunk show was about my hand-pieced quilts. I had seven quilts to show – and one I’m in the process of. I was able to pre-record my audio to each slide. This allowed me to edit and re-record many times to get all the “umm’s” and “so’s” out of my speech. It was a way for me to give real information before stuttering and losing my train of thought. Plus I didn’t have to worry if I was going to have a “foggy brain” day where I can barely put two cohesive words together.

Title page to Hand-Pieced Quilts - A Trunk Show By: Gail Lizette Weiss
Title Page of Virtual Trunk Show

Learning Keynote and iMovie to put this together was really fun! There is a lot of possibility for content creation here. I’m working on my next virtual trunk show right now, and I’m hoping to do some tutorials or workshops this way. I hate thinking about it, but I need to find a way to monetize my quilting so I can keep doing it.

Interested in my trunk show presentation? Contact me here.

Quilt Project Progress

You may know that I recently finished my Chakra Quilt Series, which was a HUGE quilt project. I’ve been working on writing a book about the whole project and the healing journey it took me on… but when it comes to writing about that stuff, I have a hard time. It’s going too slow and I’m getting frustrated. So now I’m thinking of just talking it through, recording it, and then matching the quilt images to the audio. If I can get decent imagery, it might be something other people want to see. I would love to show them as a virtual trunk show like the hand pieced quilts one I just did. Then I can use THAT as a base for the book writing so it doesn’t seem so jumbled.

The quilt I’m currently working on is the Fairly Isleish Quilt and I am slowly making progress on that. I have all the small blocks done on one side and am starting to piece them together. I’ll have the whole half fully pieced before I start the other half. I don’t have photos to show just yet… but I’ll get back here soon for an update!

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