Chakra Quilt Series

I made a quick video of my Chakra Quilt Series. This is to make me feel a little better about taking so much time to write about these quilts. Never expected it to be so difficult deciding how much I want to share about them.

The writing part is the hardest part because of all the emotional work that comes with it. Each one of these quilts are super heavy in an emotional sense for me. My plan was to show these all together in a large circle in a real life setting. I think it will be important, and feel really good to see them all displayed at the same time. Just have to find the right venue.
Short Video of The Chakra Quilt Series by: Gail Lizette Weiss

So… what do YOU think of seeing them all together in this quick video? Does it make you want to know more? Anything specific you’re curious about? As I wrote earlier, I’m working on writing text for either a book or live presentation. Still not sure as to the best way to showcase this group of quilts other than a live show. Hope to set one up sometime this year here in town… not only for my Chakra quilts, but all the hexie and hand stitched quilts I’ve made too. I even have an idea of where I might be able to show them… I’ll keep you posted!





2 responses to “Chakra Quilt Series”

  1. Kinship Quilts Avatar

    Congratulations on your stunning life work! I have enjoyed seeing the creative progress through the years. And, I like the color progression of the video. Kudos!

    1. Gail Lizette Avatar

      Thank you so much! It feels great to see them all together like this virtually – can’t wait to do it IRL here in Portland!

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