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Ironing Through Anger

Every time I start a new blog post, something happens in the news that makes me angry. This makes me feel a great desire to go off on my political beliefs. Instead I’m going to start this one with a real quilt-related topic: Ironing.

You might be following my progress on the Fairly Isleish Quilt – if so, I have news: I finished putting half the quilt together this weekend! I also finished all the smaller blocks for the other half of the quilt! After finishing those blocks, I need to iron each one. It takes about 5 minutes to press each block, so I’ve been ironing and listening to the news – hence: Ironing Through Anger.

Here’s a quick video (sped up a bit) showing the ironing process:

Pressing the Fairly Isleish Quilt Blocks

The ironing is very self explanatory through the video. The thing I need to talk about is gun violence, women’s rights, and extreme christians taking over our government through the Supreme Court. I’m so frustrated, angry, and sad. I was raised with extreme christians. Most people have no idea of what these people are capable of. What others need to understand is that these extremists look to another life/world rather than to fix the one we actually live in. They always have a date set for the ‘end of the world’. I’ve lived through at least 3 of these dates and when nothing happens, they get even more fanatical. These people are scary. They will act on what they believe god wants over what any law might say.

Now we have another mass shooting. Condolences to all those families who are suffering the selfishness of the NRA. It’s overwhelmingly disgusting.

Even Worse…

Even worse is the SCOTUS taking away our freedoms and liberty based on their personal faith. Or maybe it’s worse that the Democrats aren’t even trying to make changes! Instead they are walking on eggshells trying not to step on Republican toes. It’s because their personal choice of christianity keeps them from acting fully for the rights of women… or so it seems.

For instance: if Pelosi can’t support a progressive Dem over a pro-life/pro-NRA Dem in Texas, how is anything ever going to change??

So I guess I’ll just sit here and patiently await another January 6th meeting as that is the only news that keeps me a little hopeful. I mean, 45 definitely committed many crimes. We just have to see if the DOJ will act accordingly or if they will cower in fear of what the R’s will do when they are in power. This is what I’m most afraid of – because republicans WILL try to fuck everything when they are in power regardless of what the Dems do right now. So I hope M. Garland will find his courage and act soon.

Back to Quilting

So I’m sticking to the fabric. It keeps me sane. Literally.

I’m very excited to be halfway done with this project. I am one of those type of people who can only do one sewing project at a time… and these long projects end up backing up my other sewing plans greatly.

Are you sewing anything to keep you mind sane??

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