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Summer Heat

Treaded Minnie - Quilt Top Finish by Gail Lizette

We are getting some of the summer heat today. Yay Climate Change! *sarcasm* The hottest summer on record (ever in history) will be the coolest summer of the rest of your life. Nothing but corporate greed to blame, and therefore, nothing will change to make it better because: greed.

Until we start seeing the planet as more valuable than little pieces of green paper, we are going to continue to see devastating effects like the fire in Maui. My heart is heavy with sadness for the residents there. Wish there was more to do than watch rich people get richer.

Current Quilt Project

Putting politics aside, I have been busy with my current quilt project! I finished the top of my newest Treaded Quilt. I’m calling this one: Treaded Minnie, while the first one I made is called: Treaded Maxie.

It’s the same pattern, but using different fabric colors! So fun – I love them both for different reasons. I even entered them to the QuiltCon 2024 Magazine as a new pattern for publishing. Fingers crossed that they are accepted… if so, they will be accepted into the show as well! I don’t have high expectations as I have only had one quilt accepted to QuiltCon in the 10+ years I’ve been entering.

My quilting plans are in the works. I talked to my friend Chris who is a professional longarm quilter and she had the great idea to use monofilament thread. It’s clear thread so the quilting wouldn’t deter from the design of the quilt pattern. I still need to test to make sure my machine can handle that type of thread, but I think that will be a great way to do it. Oh… and straight line quilting with the ‘invisible’ thread is the plan.

Pattern Making

The other big huge project I’m working on is the RE-do of my Kaleidoscope EPP Quilt Pattern! My original was an offset cut of a full mandala. The new pattern will have the FULL mandala option, along with added corners for a large rectangle option, and even my original offset cut option. This particular project is soothing for my manic OCD tendencies!

Pattern work
Piece Counts for Kaleidoscope EPP Pattern

So, to make sure I have the correct counts, and fabric requirements, I take the long way around and triple check my work. There are about 5000 pieces in the larger quilt layouts, and about 3000 for the offset version. It’s a lot to keep track of. I’ve been working on this pretty steadily for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I’m spending way too much time on this – but I can’t help myself. At least it will be worth the cost of the pattern!!

Once I’m done with this one, I have a couple other patterns I want to re-do the layout to make them easier to understand. I want to turn them into visual guides with much less wording. Think Lego instruction manuals… or Ikea? Lots of images with arrows for connecting pieces. I’m excited to get started.

Thread & Fabric Compositions

I have not given up on this project – just taking a break while working on quilts and patterns. However, I plan on getting that started again soon. Instead of doing one each week, I’m going to make one and post immediately and leave window for offers open for 48 hours, then work on and post the next one – however fast or slow the process is. I have 26 wooden frames left, so that is how many more I will be making. The ones that have not sold are available here in my store.

I’ll make a post when I start it back up again. What are you working on this week?

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