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  • Getting It Together

    Getting It Together

    I just started putting the squid quilt together ~ this is the upper right corner. Super happy with how it’s coming out too! I have all the rows made and now I’m making and adding on the extra cream and grey hexies then sewing the whole row onto the existing piece. With each row I […]

  • Next Step

    I’m finally finished with my piecing of the diagonal “strips” of my squid quilt!  YAY!  I got myself some cream and grey fabrics for the border… and so I need to make another 288 hexagons.  144 grey and 144 cream, and then I’ll add them onto the strips and sew them all together.  This is […]

  • Healing Time

    Yay!!  Gregg is home from the hospital and all went well!!  The surgeon said it was one of the messiest hips he has ever worked on! The surgery took about 2.5 hours.  He was in the hospital for only 2 nights ~ the nurses were calling him the rock star of the floor.  He is […]

  • A Little Grey Feeling

    A Little Grey Feeling

    For the last few weeks I’ve been sick.  Some kind of head cold that started in my ears with a headache/earache, and now it’s traveled down and I have a sore throat and too much congestion.  I’ve become a home-body because I’m afraid of getting others sick.  It’s wiping out my energy as well, and […]

  • Busy Times

    Busy Times

    I’ve been slowly working on my squid quilt. I’m sewing the hexies together in angular rows, and I’m on the 14th one (50 altogether). Here’s hoping that sewing the rows together will not be too hard.  I could try to sew a couple together now. Except I really want to pick out a border fabric first […]

  • Middle of October…. Already??

    Middle of October…. Already??

    So much has been happening, I haven’t had much time to put a post together!  I just spent a few days up in Seattle with my daughter who took her state board exams to be a licensed cosmetologist.  She is moving home in a few weeks too.  Plus my husband’s hip surgery is November 15th, […]

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