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Digital Pattern: PDF file

This is a large hand-piecing project.
Knowledge of one of the following stitching methods is required:
1. English Paper Piecing with a whipstitch or ladder stitch.
2. Tracing templates with a running stitch and Y-seams.

Five basic shapes are used:
1¼″ 72º Diamonds -------------------- 1,157
1¼″ 36º Diamonds -------------------- 859
1¼″ Pentagons ------------------------- 559
¾″ Pentagons ------------------------- 123
1¼″x ¾″ Isosceles Triangles -------- 615
3313 Total Pieces.

Quilt top dimensions: Approximately 54" x 70"

This pattern is for a quilt top only.
Instructions for adding a border, basting, quilting, and binding this quilt are not included.

After quilting and securing all stitching around the edge with a machine stitch, the pieces can be trimmed.
Another option would be to add a border to cover all edge pieces and quilt through all layers.
21 Kona Solid colors were used on the original quilt, manufacturer names are listed for exact match, but any similar colors can be used.

3 Color variations, coloring pages, templates, and a photo tutorial for using a running stitch included.

EPP tutorials here.
NEPP tutorials (tracing shapes & using running stitch with Y-seams) here.

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