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It’s ON!

Okay… it’s ON!  I started quilting my squid.  It’s about time too ~ it’s been sitting on a table in my sewing room looking at me for months now.
I was inspired a great deal at the last PMQG meeting!  I have a long list of notions I want (need) to get, and again I saw some amazing quilts ~ my favorite being Jill’s monochromatic quilt – it was fantastic!

So, I spray basted this quilt.  The back is solid Kona Coal  I figure I have only a few days before the tackiness of the glue wears off, so I feel like I want to sew and sew and sew until it is finished.  BUT this time I WILL take breaks.  I have something called thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) from an accident that hurt my neck when I was a kid.  So everytime I get tense in my shoulders, it pinches nerves down my arms (painful) and makes my hands and fingers go completely numb.  I still haven’t regained feeling in my right thumb since I quilted my yellow circle quilt… hmmmm, might be time for some bodywork!

Until then, I will be at my machine (on and off with breaks of course) working on my current favorite project.

4 thoughts on “It’s ON!”

  1. I love this quilt – I peek over at your blog now and then to see the progress. The top wooed me and now the quilting is making me swoon. It's incredible. It sounds like you're enjoying the ride, which is fantastic too!

  2. Gail, holy s@#*, wow! You took the plunge, fantastic! It looks fab already and you only just started! Now I can't wait for the next meeting to see this completed. It's gonna be AMAZING! Thanks so much for your kind words about my quilt.

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