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  • Portland Modern Quilt Guild Show

    Last night my daughter and I went to the PMQG quilt show at PNCA ~ and we really had a great time.  It’s been a while since we did anything with just the two of us, and now that she’s all grown up ~ she has her own life and friends and so we spend […]

  • No Patience

    I have absolutely no patience at all.  I finished my squid quilt and took some photos. The desire to show it off is strong! Even though I should wait till I get the hanging sleeves (and my little tag) on the back. I should also have it photographed on a nice wall with good lighting… […]

  • It’s ON!

    Okay… it’s ON!  I started quilting my squid.  It’s about time too ~ it’s been sitting on a table in my sewing room looking at me for months now. I was inspired a great deal at the last PMQG meeting!  I have a long list of notions I want (need) to get, and again I […]

  • Getting It Together

    Getting It Together

    I just started putting the squid quilt together ~ this is the upper right corner. Super happy with how it’s coming out too! I have all the rows made and now I’m making and adding on the extra cream and grey hexies then sewing the whole row onto the existing piece. With each row I […]

  • Next Step

    I’m finally finished with my piecing of the diagonal “strips” of my squid quilt!  YAY!  I got myself some cream and grey fabrics for the border… and so I need to make another 288 hexagons.  144 grey and 144 cream, and then I’ll add them onto the strips and sew them all together.  This is […]

  • A Little Grey Feeling

    A Little Grey Feeling

    For the last few weeks I’ve been sick.  Some kind of head cold that started in my ears with a headache/earache, and now it’s traveled down and I have a sore throat and too much congestion.  I’ve become a home-body because I’m afraid of getting others sick.  It’s wiping out my energy as well, and […]