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A Little Quilt Finish

rosetta quilt

Wow… feels great to say I have finished a quilt! It’s been a while! Here it is:

rosetta quilt finished

I’m really loving this little quilt.  The piecing was done fairly quickly a few months back when we were packing and getting ready to move. I used fabrics that weren’t packed away yet, and this is the improv I came up with.  I particularly love the quilting on this, I just made a flower and echoed it adding more flowers here and there.
I used some super nice fabric for the back that my friend Rachel gave me a while back ~ it’s so soft and luxurious… makes the quilt super special.

Quilts for charity

rosetta quilt back

In fact, Rachel has been an inspiration to me ever since I started going to PMQG meetings. She recently wrote a bit for “Quilting Happiness” that wasn’t included in the book, but is published here.  It was such an inspirational piece about volunteering in a women’s correctional facility. I highly recommend reading it. Now I understand why she has always had such patience with me, she’s had practice!!

rosetta quilt ready for charity

I want to donate my new little quilt! It will be a first for me… I usually make quilts as gifts for friends and family, or just for myself.  I’ve never made one to give away to a charity before. (I know, I know… I should have been donating quilts already). Anyway, I want to give it to a family shelter. Mostly because I was given a quilt many years ago when I was pregnant and staying in a shelter. And it really meant a lot to me… and to my daughter.

charity quilt donate to me 23 years ago

There are some holes, and the binding is worn completely through, it’s only string tied… but I’ve loved this quilt, and still do.  I hope the one I made will be just as loved by someone who needs it as much as I did! As Rachel always says:  Quilters Rock!

1 thought on “A Little Quilt Finish”

  1. oh you are so sweet. When Im a little less busy I want to fix and repair that quilt of yours. I would really recommend looking at the Children's Relief Nursery in St John's its for parents just like you were but it isn't a shelter.
    see you tomorrow… I hope.

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