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  • Slight Struggles

    Slight Struggles

    Hey there stranger! I’ve been off the screens for a bit, working through some slight struggles. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much crazy is happening in the world right now. It’s good to just sit with your own thoughts for a while. Big news in my world: I finished the Chakra Quilt Series!! I bound […]

  • A Quilt For Our Friend

    A Quilt For Our Friend

    I haven’t been able to collaborate with many people on quilt projects in the past. I have commitment issues. Before Covid hit, I was part of a small sewing group started by my friend Sara Flynn. It was great to get together and sew – even if we all were working on different projects! In […]

  • A Quilt Finish!

    A Quilt Finish!

    Last night we had our yearly PMQG picnic, and I was able to finish a quilt to bring for show and tell. I brought it because I wanted to share a ‘frustration’ quilt. We all have them from time to time – that quilt idea that never really came to fruition the way you pictured in […]

  • Quilt Finish!

    Quilt Finish!

    I’m so happy to report another quilt finish! So much better than a political conversation – IMHO at least 😉 This one is called: Earth Energy: This quilt came about because I won a pack of pre-cut off-white Kona HST’s at PMQG meeting a year or two ago… then, when I was at an All-Day-Sew, […]

  • Green Cross Quilt Finish!

    Green Cross Quilt Finish!

    Woo Hoo! Just finished stitching on the binding to the Green Cross Quilt I’ve been working on – so now I’ll be able to bring it to the PMQG meeting tonight! Okay… so I am totally in love with this quilt… and it’s more than the fact there is a cannabis leaf quilted into it […]

  • Braces Quilt Finish

    Braces Quilt Finish

    Oh how I do love finishing a quilt! Time for a little celebration, and right now, I’ll take any reason to celebrate:  I made the pattern from the block I entered in the GenQ Magazine Block Builder Challenge in June this summer. It really felt great following through on this project. I’m thinking of drafting […]