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  • Purple Scrap Quilt Finish

    Purple Scrap Quilt Finish

    There is so much going on lately that I have been really enjoying my quilting time. It’s so meditative – from the design part all the way to the actual quilting, and binding too. Working with fabric also does something for my sensory needs which helps keep me from escaping with negative addictions. It’s a […]

  • Slight Struggles

    Slight Struggles

    Hey there stranger! I’ve been off the screens for a bit, working through some slight struggles. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much crazy is happening in the world right now. It’s good to just sit with your own thoughts for a while. Big news in my world: I finished the Chakra Quilt Series!! I bound […]

  • A Quilt For Our Friend

    A Quilt For Our Friend

    I haven’t been able to collaborate with many people on quilt projects in the past. I have commitment issues. Before Covid hit, I was part of a small sewing group started by my friend Sara Flynn. It was great to get together and sew – even if we all were working on different projects! In […]

  • A Quilt Finish!

    A Quilt Finish!

    Last night we had our yearly PMQG picnic, and I was able to finish a quilt to bring for show and tell. I brought it because I wanted to share a ‘frustration’ quilt. We all have them from time to time – that quilt idea that never really came to fruition the way you pictured in […]

  • Quilt Finish!

    Quilt Finish!

    I’m so happy to report another quilt finish! So much better than a political conversation – IMHO at least 😉 This one is called: Earth Energy: This quilt came about because I won a pack of pre-cut off-white Kona HST’s at PMQG meeting a year or two ago… then, when I was at an All-Day-Sew, […]

  • Green Cross Quilt Finish!

    Green Cross Quilt Finish!

    Woo Hoo! Just finished stitching on the binding to the Green Cross Quilt I’ve been working on – so now I’ll be able to bring it to the PMQG meeting tonight! Okay… so I am totally in love with this quilt… and it’s more than the fact there is a cannabis leaf quilted into it […]