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  • Braces Quilt Finish

    Braces Quilt Finish

    Oh how I do love finishing a quilt! Time for a little celebration, and right now, I’ll take any reason to celebrate:  I made the pattern from the block I entered in the GenQ Magazine Block Builder Challenge in June this summer. It really felt great following through on this project. I’m thinking of drafting […]

  • Quilt Finish

    It’s always exciting to finish a quilt… and I finally did it! The unbe-weevil-ble quilt is finished and I was able to show it at the PMQG meeting last Thursday. I received many compliments which always makes a finish feel super fine.  I didn’t get a photo from the meeting, but I wrangled my daughter […]

  • A Little Quilt Finish

    A Little Quilt Finish

    Wow… feels great to say I have finished a quilt! It’s been a while! Here it is: I’m really loving this little quilt.  The piecing was done fairly quickly a few months back when we were packing and getting ready to move. I used fabrics that weren’t packed away yet, and this is the improv […]

  • Quilt Finish!

    I finished the orange stripey quilt I’ve been working on ~ YAY!  It was a total improv quilt using solids and some prints from the Joel Dewberry Heirloom collection.  I did an improv back too ~ it turned out a little wonky… but I like it: It’s feels great to finish a quilt… especially when […]

  • Cool Site

    Cool Site

    I was turned onto a new site the other night at the PMQG meeting. It’s called Threadbias ~ and it’s AWESOME!!  Another PMQG member is a part of the team that put it all together. She did a small presentation on it at the last meeting, so I came home and made an account.  It […]

  • Ona’s Quilt

    A few weeks ago I finished a baby quilt for a new little girl named Ona, and I thought I’d share some more pics.  I’m really happy with my free-motion-quilting!  This marks the 4th quilt that I’ve done FMQ and my stitch lengths are becoming a little more even and I’m doing better with keeping […]