Oh my, what a week! So many good things to share, I don’t even know where to begin!

My biggest highlight is that the Jellyfish Hexie Quilt took 3rd place at the Northwest Quilting Expo! I have my first ribbon, and I couldn’t be more tickled!

Hexie Jellyfish 3rd Place Ribbon

I went to the show yesterday with my friend Juline who also had 3 quilts in this show. In fact, I saw many quilts there made by people I actually know, it was so great… the whole show was fantastic! I think there were over 650 quilts displayed – and no stinky carpets! I got a few photos of the quilts that stood out to me at the show, I have them posted below, as there are quite a few. There were even more photos – but some didn’t turn out well, so not all of my favorites are here. It was great to see so many supportive friends too – they made me feel like a rock star!

My Green Cross Quilt was also at the show – and it was sparking all sorts of discussions, according to my friend Bill who was close enough to eavesdrop a little. He is a quilt collector and appraiser, so his opinion means a lot to me… and he thinks this quilt may get a lot of attention. Generally speaking, quilters are fairly conservative, so a quilt with a big pot leaf on it could be a little shocking to some. But I have already received quite a few emails from quilters who *quietly* loved it. That makes it a conversation piece, and I’m happy to be the one to start the conversation:  I love cannabis… and I smoke every day, and have for years. AND… I’m an active part of my community, a business owner, a proud parent, and an ex-addict who has used it to get off real drugs. This is my experience, not everyone is the same… but, for me, it’s a life-saver. Hence the quilt.

Another fun peak this week was co-winning the in-store Game of Quilts Challenge sponsored by BadAss Quilters Society and Spool. WOW – what a fun project, and the quilts all looked so amazing – I wish I could have been in Tennessee to see the show! Big Congratulations to the online winner: DonnaMichele Toyama, and to my co-in-store-winner: Teri Henderson Tope!

To top off my big week in the quilting world, I bought a brand new Juki 2010Q sewing machine!! I’ve been saving for over a year, and with my winnings from the Jellyfish Quilt, and a good deal at the NWQE show, I was able to take the plunge and bring one home. Compared to my old Singer, it’s like going from coach to first class! What made it super fun was purchasing at the same time as Juline and having a friend to share in the excitement at the exact same time. Right now, I’m having a hard time writing this post, because I just wanna sew!

So, for now, here are some of my favorites from the show:

2+2 Colleen Wooton
7733 – AnnMarie Cowley
Abigail-JoAnn Blade
Abigail – Joann Blade
Abigail Close up
Amethyst& Marcasite – Juline Bajada
A River Runs Through It – Wendy Bennett
A Tribute To Pucci – Linda Reinert
Autumn Meadow – Heather Davidson
Catch A Falling Star – Dawn White
Color Me Quilted – Coleen Barnhardt
Diatom 7 – Carla Stehr
ee cummings Most this amazing – Catherine Beard
Farmer’s Wives Aliens – Brandy Rodriquez
Fern Rising – Claudia Pfeil
Fern Rising Close up
Friendship Star – Jeri Bonser
Gardenia – Elisa Corcoran
Groovy Jeans – Julia Jeans
Inchworm – Juline Bajada
Klimt in Jewel Tones – Penny S Hanscom
Klimpt in Jewel Tones Close up
Ladies Who Lunch – Rachel Kerley
Lava Flow – Victoria Gordon
Lilies – Catherine Beard
Magic Carpet – Christina Cameli
Mirage – Bonnie Bucknam
Modern Denim – Beverly Woodard
Mod Pods – Pat Jones
Oxidation – Sidnee Snell
Pick Up Sticks – Cindy Settle Cline
Helix, Tropical Moons, and Dip And Dots – Michel McDowell
Rio Verde – Toni F Smith
River Mile 26.5 – Susan Borger
Sea Waves – Kathy Vale
Seeing The Light – Melisse Laing
Sequoia – Pam Raby
Spinning Out Spinning In 5 – Helen Remick
Strings of Batiks – Mary Klien
Tales of a Cloth Copy Cat – AnnMarie Cowley
The Deep – Louise Harris
The Heart Of A Woman 1 – Deborah Runnels
The Portland Sign – Judy Liebo
This Way Or That? – Karen Spencer
Tileworks III – Mary Kay Price
Tree Of Life – Cathy Erickson
Waters Edge – Gerrie L. Thompson


8 thoughts on “All The Good Feels – Northwest Quilting Expo 2015”


Congratulations, Gail! 3rd Place and a new Juki. I get to see these amazing quilts today and cannot wait. So happy for you.


So happy for you! Third place and a new Juki!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and love and party hats!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, Ellen. I think you're going to enjoy the show – there were so many more great quilts that I did not get good photos of!


Oh thank you Anne – I can't stop smiling 🙂 Looking forward to catching up with you sometime soon! Hugs right back!!!


Such a tremendous variety of quilts! A huge congratulations on the ribbon for your Jellyfish Hexie Quilt! So pleased you could attend without any allergy issues too.


Gosh, I thought I saw every quilt in the show but you have pictures here of ones I missed. I feel like I've been to a second quilt show LOL! So happy for you that you won a ribbon, Gail! I love your jellyfish hexie and will be interested to see what transpires with your cannabis quilt.


Thank you, Karen! I was so nervous about going and having another reaction, so when I saw concrete floors – I was extremely relieved! So happy too- it was a great show with lots of inspiring quilts. I have so many new ideas!


I did go twice because after I went the first day, I saw way too many photos of quilts I hadn't seen, so we went again on Saturday. Thanks Dawn, I'm pretty thrilled – always wanted a ribbon! I am also looking forward to see the response to the cannabis quilt 🙂 So far- so great!

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