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A New Project and One Lovely Blog Award

Cutting Solar Plexus Chakra Quilt

The other day I got a message on one of my posts from Handwroughtquilts, letting me know she nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Like she says in her blogpost, it’s sort of like a chain-letter with a nice sentiment.

I think it’s very thoughtful and sweet! She is new to me, so I took some time to go over her blog, and it is quite lovely if I do say so myself! After questioning if I should continue blogging, this has been a nice mental boost to continue. Thanks for thinking of me!


The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and give a link to his/her blog. done
  • List the rules. you’re here now
  • Display the image of the award on your post. see above
  • List seven facts about yourself. see below
  • Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award, and notify them to let them know you have nominated them. that’s way at the bottom, after all the embarrassing stuff about me

Hmmm… 7 facts, let’s see…

  1. I have 8 tattoos: a fairy, two seahorses, a dragonfly, an infinity symbol, three different flower tattoos, and a dragon across my shoulders.
  2. I usually listen to punk or disco from the 70’s & 80’s while quilting.
  3. I haven’t had a drink in over 4 years, haven’t been drunk in over 20.
  4. I was a single parent till my daughter was 5 and then I met my husband who adopted her as his own. I have ultimate respect for single parents.
  5. I am a daily cannabis user, and proud of it.
  6. I’m dyslexic – so typing, writing, and paper piecing can be quite a bit of a challenge for me.
  7. I strive for positivity in all things, it’s what keeps me healthy – and health is a big priority for me.

Now I am to nominate a few blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I don’t read blogs as often as I used to… but when I do, these are the blogs I like to follow. I know a few of these people personally, and I find everyone on this list very inspirational in their own unique ways:

  1. First Light Designs by Dawn White
  2. Pieces of Contentment by Karen
  3. The Hexie Blog by Julia Wood
  4. Grit’s Life by Grit
  5. Rossie Crafts by Rossie
  6. Wonkywolrd by Bill Volckening
  7. Bits and Bobbins by Tricia Royal
  8. A Few Scraps by Christina Cameli

Manipura start

Today is Sunday, and I plan to spend the rest of the day working on my newest quilt. It is another ‘therapy’ quilt, in that I’m working through some intense, but very old, feelings while stitching. Actually the whole design process was a week of intense personal emotional outbursts. It’s again based in the chakra system, this time I’m working through the Solar Plexus Chakra – which is the 3rd chakra and is represented with the color: Yellow. It’s already been ‘labor-intensive’ emotionally… but it’s going to be even more as it’s all foundation paper-piecing, and I’ve never done that before.

Cutting Solar Plexus Chakra Quilt

Luckily at our last PMQG sew day, I was able to learn some valuable tips from my friend, Rozina Dee who was visiting from MN. She was making some beautiful pickle-dish blocks using wax paper. She showed me first-hand exactly how it worked. This method is working splendidly, thanks Rozina!

2 thoughts on “A New Project and One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Gail, thank you so much for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am honored, especially to be at the top of your list of nominees! Now I have to think about what I want to say in my next post!

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