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Kaleidoscope quilt in progress

I have kept pretty good track of my actual time spent sewing the Kaleidoscope Quilt together. It was very accurate time-keeping for the most part. I used the timer on my phone and would deduct for bathroom breaks and any other time I stopped sewing for a while.

timekeeping nots

I kept track of minutes: 28,738

This is stitching time only. The design, layout, printing of pieces and cutting them to size were not figured into this time.  Yes!! We screen printed the pieces on the back to show the stitch and cut lines for each piece… I call them NEPP for NOT English Paper Pieced.

28,738 minutes = 478.9 hours = Approx. 3 months at full time (40hrs/week).

running stitch on kaleidoscope quilt
Very Last Stitch

Have you ever kept track of your time when sewing? I highly recommend trying it. It really helps to value your quilting work properly!! Plus, when people ask how long it took, you can answer confidently!

When I get a good photo of the fully completed top, I will post… for now here it is: almost done!

Kaleidoscope quilt in progress

4 thoughts on “Timekeeping”

  1. As much as I love tracking things I have never truly kept track of time spent. I think I don’t want to be discouraged at my speed, or lack thereof.

    Good for you though, and three months of full time – yikes!

    1. I don’t like doing it… it’s difficult – but it’s great to know. Sometimes I also feel discouraged by how much time things take me… especially when I see others making so much so fast! – People amaze me. Still… I’m going through withdrawals and am starting to plan something else for hand stitching. 😉

  2. I’ve bought your kaleidoscope quilt patter and was just wondering how much fabric I need to buy? I can’t see it on the pattern. Did you use half yards? Or fat quarters? I can’t wait to get started on this project!

    1. Hi Charity,
      Thanks so much for purchasing a pattern. I’ve added a few new pages, and one is for fabric requirements, and also a page with template shapes. Re-download the file and you’ll get the newest version!

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