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  • Kaleidoscope Quilt Top Finish

    Kaleidoscope Quilt Top Finish

    It’s done! Kaleidoscope Quilt Top is done! I’m excited to show it at guild tonight. And to publish the pattern to this in the next few days! More to come as I figure out how I’m going to quilt it, or have it quilted – just wanted to share the finished top!!

  • Kaleidoscope Quilt Progress Report

    Kaleidoscope Quilt Progress Report

    I’ve been pushing through life lately. I’m sure you can relate. I’m working on my emotional issues and that has been draining. I just keep going back to sewing when I start to spin out mentally. – Do you know that feeling? When there is so much going on AND so much to do, you […]

  • Kaleidoscope Quilt Progress

    Kaleidoscope Quilt Progress

    Now that I have a hand-sewing project, I feel so much more at ease. Having something in my hands at night is great! It keeps me from spinning out into negativity. Having the sew lines printed on the fabric makes this project pretty quick and easy! The hardest part is sewing in the diamond shapes […]

  • Kaleidoscope Quilt – In Progress

    Kaleidoscope Quilt – In Progress

    Pretty thrilled to report that I’ve started stitching my Kaleidoscope quilt last night! I put a lot of time and figuring into the design and layout and am happy with the look of it. The center is based off of the La Passacaglia Pattern by Willyne Hammerstein I design on Adobe Illustrator. For this quilt […]

  • Quilt(ed) Portfolio

    Thanks for checking out my quilt portfolio! I love working with fabric, color and texture. Quilting is my joy. My Quilts: I absolutely love working with fabric. Cutting things up and putting them back together is very soothing and therapeutic for me! The texture from quilting adds a whole separate layer of design and quilt-y […]

  • Juried Into QuiltCon

    Juried Into QuiltCon

    Recently I did some maintenance and updating on this site, and realized I never posted the big news! My quilt: Fairly Isleish was juried into QuiltCon this year!! I worked very hard on that quilt and made it knowing that I was going to enter it into this show. So it is extremely satisfying, after […]