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The Privilege of Quilting

Manipura basting

Recently, I entered a quilt into another show: QuiltCon. It was a big decision this year. I have to be patient and wait to find out if it’s accepted or not. My expectations are set very low as I’ve entered every year and have never had a quilt accepted.

I entered my Manipura quilt. I’m hoping it has enough visual power to make it through the jury stage where I’m not sure if they see full sized photos of the quilts or if they are seen in an album as large thumbnails. I know it’s all about those photos –  and that first impression. I don’t care about winning any prizes, but it sure would feel good to be able to get in the show.

Luckily I was able to trade with my friend Bill for some photography. I finished a couple amazing Hawaiian quilt tops he’s been collecting. He has a nice camera and is very skilled.  He got an amazing photo for me! It’s the reason I feel I have a chance this year. 

When thinking about entering this show, it dawned on me just how privileged I am to be a quilter in general.  I’ve entered and shown at other shows, and having the ability to not only make a quilt, but to take pictures, send in entries, pay for shipping – it’s really amazing I’m able to participate at all. There was a time I could only wish to have my own place, my own business, and the time to make things. Even though I still have to save up to make some fabric purchases, I’m feeling overwhelmingly grateful right now.

Seriously grateful. 

So… whether or not the quilt is accepted
I already feel accomplished!

Manipura final
Manipura Quilt

1 thought on “The Privilege of Quilting”

  1. Fingers crossed for you Gail! I would really love to see all your chakra quilts displayed together. I know some of them are ages away from finishing or even starting but I think they’ll be super together. I hope the MQG has the same idea.

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